Setup your hotel by adding rooms by number, location, category (Single, double, etc.), amenities (A/C, telephone, fridge, safe deposit box, etc.), maximum number of adults and children.

Create flexible rate plans for each room category by setting up standard rack rates, seasonal rates, group rates and discounted rates.

Fees & Charges
Select the fees you want to use in your hotel from a list of over 40 preset individual charges on in-room entertainment, minibar services, telephone, food and beverage,laundry and business center.

Input all State or Federal government taxes that will be added on to guest charges.

Setup the users that will be using your Hotel iDesk such as Frontdesk, Accounting, Admin staff and passwords they will use to login to your hotel management system.


Manage guest confirmed/unconfirmed reservations. Flexibly adjust reservations for changes in departure dates. Apply charges to cancellations, late or early check-in/check-out. Execute room changes seamlessly during guest stays.

Manage reservations of large or small groups for events such as conferences or retreats by allocating room blocks, specifying group room rates, handling member bookings and configuring guest or group billing.

Customer History
Access Guest/Group directory to book returning guests/groups or to view all the reservations they have made and charge history.

View a calendar of new arrivals, in-house guests and departures for efficient frontdesk handling

Room View
Instantly get a graphical snapshot to see which rooms in your property are occupied or vacant.

Reservation Search
Quickly find past reservations made by date, guest and room type.


Create a daily task schedule by assigning rooms to housekeeping staff and recording clean time and duties performed room-by-room.

Track room maintenance such as Carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing or masonry work, vendors/suppliers used and invoices issued for payment.

Out-of-Order Rooms
When rooms are unavailable for reservation due to room maintenance or upgrades set them as out-of-order in the hotel's room inventory.

Room History
Get a detailed history of each room including past guest occupants, housekeeping schedules, and maintenance work orders issued.


Guest Billing
Post all relevant fees, charges, payments, advance deposits and refunds to a guest or group folio and view it at any point in time.

Advance Deposits
Track advance deposits received for guest or group reservations whether by cash, check, wire transfer or credit card easily.

Night Audit
Bulk process nightly room charges for all guests staying over night, flag no-shows and adjust any late and non-departures.

Transaction Log
List all transactions made within a hotel for a specific business date. Audit information such as invoice #, post time, which staff posted it and which account it applies to perform fast account reconciliation.


Manager's Report
The Daily Manager's report summarizes the number of reservations, guests, hotel occupancy and transactions by type made on a daily, month-to-date and year-to-date basis.

House Reports
View reports on guest arrivals, guest departures, room stays, housekeeping and guest accoount balances for a specific time period.

Constantly monitor your hotel's performance through statistics and charts. Analyze reservations booked, nights spent by guests, revenue, and occupancy on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis by room category, booking source, market code, guest gender and guest age group among other criteria.